Is Ark Encounter One of the “Best Places to Meet a Good Christian Girl”?

by Ken Ham on January 1, 2024
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After reading the title for today’s blog, you might be wondering what such a headline could be all about! You might be alarmed we are starting a dating service! But you’ll be less confused when I tell you who claims the Ark Encounter is one of the top “10 Best Places To Meet A Good Christian Girl”—it’s a headline from The Babylon Bee!

If you aren’t familiar with them, The Babylon Bee is a Christian satire site. Every so often they’ll feature me, the Ark Encounter, or the Creation Museum in their articles. And those articles usually make me chuckle. Consider this latest one:

Finding a good, Christian girl has never been harder. That’s why The Babylon Bee is here to help out by offering you this tried and tested list of the absolute best places to look.

What’s number three on the list?

Ark Encounter: If she refers to the Ark as a ship and not a “boat,” marry her on the spot.

Now, while you can’t actually marry a girl on the spot at the Ark Encounter, I love this joke because it goes back to our Answers for Women conference in 2021 when Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee spoke to the hundreds of women in attendance. He called the life-size Noah’s Ark a “boat,” and I had already in my talk told the women not to call it a boat, as it’s a massive ship not a boat (“boat” makes people think of something small; ship emphasizes the size the ark truly was). Kyle didn’t know this, so when he called the Ark a boat, 2,000 women yelled out at him, “It’s a ship.” He was quite perplexed at first but soon understood. He’s used this to harass me (and AiG) ever since!

I thought you’d enjoy their joke as a fun way to start out the New Year. (You can discover the other nine places to meet “a good Christian girl” in the full article.)

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