Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola, FL

  • President

    Troy Shoemaker
  • Academic Dean

    Raylene Cochran
  • Bible Chair

    Dan Rushing
  • Science Chair

    Shane Smith

We’re glad you’re considering Pensacola Christian College to prepare for your future.

Distinct in its blend of tradition and innovation, PCC is building the lives of students to impact the world for Christ through various ministries and professions. Beautiful facilities, dedicated, caring faculty, and a warm, friendly student body are all key ingredients in this unique opportunity available to you. I invite you to become a part of Pensacola Christian College’s growing family.



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    Dr. Troy Shoemaker, the new president of Pensacola Christian College of Florida, and his wife Denise, recently visited our Creation Museum.

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    As I walked around Pensacola Christian College campus, I was thrilled to experience first-hand evidence of what I call the “Domino Effect.”


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