Appalachian Bible College

Mt. Hope, WV

  • President

    Daniel Anderson
  • Academic Dean

    Tim Rowe
  • Bible Chair

    Jonathan Rinker

Appalachian Bible College exists by God's grace and for His glory to educate and equip servants for the Church of tomorrow while edifying the Church of today.

“Primacy of the Bible” is the first core value at ABC. There is an unwavering commitment to the authority of God’s Word, including a literal interpretation of Genesis. That is why every Bachelor of Arts student double-majors in Bible & Theology along with the Ministry Major of his or her choice. The Master of Arts, Associate of Arts, and Bible Certificate programs also lay solid biblical foundations for life and ministry. Online courses are available, as well.

Besides quality academics, ABC emphasizes hands-on Christian service and Christ­like character development. From chapel three times/week to intercollegiate athletics, accountability groups to traveling ministry teams—each activity is crafted to draw you closer to the Lord Jesus and prepare you for a lifetime serving Him. ...Because Life is for Service.


  • ABHE, Regional-(HLC), Professional

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