They Took My Laser Pointer

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Well, I am finally in the UK!

I flew from Cincinnati to Detroit to London-Heathrow to Belfast. It was a lot of time in the air, but it passed fairly quickly. The best surprise was that the seat next to me on the London flight was unoccupied, so I had a lot of room to stretch, and I did manage to get a little sleep.

The line at customs at Heathrow took about an hour and a half, but I got through without any difficulty, collected my suitcase and proceeded to Terminal One for my Belfast flight. Things did not go as well there.

When I went thought that security checkpoint, they confiscated my laser pointer. My very own, extra-special, super-duper, extra-sharp, had-my-name-engraved-on-it-and-everything laser pointer. I had traveled with it for several years, both domestic and international, without it even being questioned. Apparently regulations have changed. Through my sadness, I did eventually get to Belfast and had fish and chips for supper, which did make my day brighter.

I’ll be at a very nice little hotel for the next four days, where I will have Internet access. After that I will be staying in private homes, so I am unsure of Internet access in those settings. We will be going to an early men’s prayer meeting in the morning (Friday) and will hold a youth rally tomorrow night.

Now I’m gonna make Ken buy me a new laser pointer . . . .

I’ll keep you posted!

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