His Faith Had Been Restored

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I just returned from a three-day conference in Lakewood, Washington. I can’t remember an event where everyone was so hungry for the ministry message.

In the first session I spent a great deal of time discussing the data from the book Already Gone. Two thirds of our young people are leaving the church because they aren’t being equipped with answers. This message resonated with the congregation at Lake City Community Church. Many folks approached me during the breaks and told me of young people in their family who had walked away from the church in similar fashion. They were eager to find the answers so that they could reach out to those who had walked away.

One young man in particular touched my heart during the conference. He came up to me and thanked me for giving him answers that he never thought existed. He told me that his mother had died five years earlier. Soon after, he left the church because he had so many questions, and no one seemed to be able to answer them. He concluded that there were no answers to his questions. When he heard about this conference, he was intrigued and decided to come hear what I had to say. To make a long story short, he came to every one of my sessions (he particularly wanted to come to the talk on death and suffering). Just before I left the church to leave for the airport, he came to me and said that in so many ways, his faith had been restored.

Praise the Lord!

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