She Must Have Liked It!

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Last weekend I was in Clayton, Georgia, speaking at Clayton Baptist Church. I had a great time there. It was especially good to be able to go someplace where I don’t have to apologize for my accent. I felt very at home among folks who know what “ain’t” and “reckon” mean.

As usual, there were testimonies from people who had visited the Creation Museum. A lot of the young people for this church had visited, and they told me they want to go back again: “It was a really great place with all the dinosaurs and everything!”

One particular encounter stands out for me, though. I was at lunch with the pastor and several of his staff. While we were eating, the lady who owns the restaurant came by to check on us. The told me that on Sunday morning she had come to church with “an empty tank” and the presentations “just filled my tank up again!”

I guess she liked what she heard.

This weekend I’m off. It will be great to get back to my home church and get my tank filled up again!

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