A Visit to the Martin Guitar Factory

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Before I left Pennsylvania last week, I took a little side trip just for Tommy. I made my return plans to leave very late in the day in order to have time to visit the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

Anyone who knows me understands that I am a total Martin fanatic. I own five Martins, and I am more than capable of spending hours discussing Martin guitars and their place in the history of music (especially bluegrass music).

I spent several hours at the museum and had the opportunity to take a factory tour. It was a real treat to see all the steps that go into making such wonderful instruments. All in all, it was a really great day!

The exterior of the Martin Museum

One of the museum displays

An old Mac computer in one of the displays. Macs—another of my favorite things!

I’m looking at a very busy speaking season. Please keep on praying for me and all the other AiG speakers!

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