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The life of an Answers in Genesis speaker is less than glamorous at times. Dealing with airports, flight delays, hotels, rental cars, and 18-hour days can make a fellow feel pretty run down. Most of the time, when I return from an event, all I want to do is sleep for 24 hours.

So why do I do it? It’s because this ministry is changing lives. Every week, I hear testimonies from people who have been impacted by the teaching ministry of Answers in Genesis. When you see folks so excited about what they have learned and how it has brought them closer to the Lord, it gets you excited also (and then you forget how homesick you are).

Here are just a few of the testimonies I have heard over the last few weeks:

A very precious lady told me that her husband had rejected the Lord all his life. He had been openly hostile to the church and anything to do with Christianity even though she was an active Christian. Tragically, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to begin facing the end of his life. As he was struggling with the question of “why did I get cancer,” a friend of the family gave him a copy of my DVD, A God of Suffering? With tears in her eyes, this lady told me that her husband “got the answers he needed,” and just a few weeks before he died, he gave his life to the Lord!

Another lady came to me during a conference some weeks ago and told me that she had been praying for the chance to go to an Answers in Genesis seminar. She and her husband had been given some Answers in Genesis books and DVDs while they were in college 10 years ago. She said that at that time her husband was “an atheist and a pretty angry guy” before reading the materials. She and her husband both became Christians and have been actively serving the Lord since that time.

A 10-year-old boy told me that he learned all about dinosaurs from our materials, especially the DVD, Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel. He loves this DVD so much that he invites his classmates to his home just so he can show them this DVD. He said, “I want them to know Jesus too!”

When you hear things like this, you don’t feel tired anymore.

Our first Answers for Pastors conference is being held next week. We will have the opportunity to speak with several hundred pastors and their wives. Please pray that through this conference many, many churches will be impacted.

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