Great to See Pap Again!

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I was back in Tennessee last weekend. Boy, it’s great to be some place where they don’t make fun of my accent! They understood all the “reckons,” “y’alls,” and many other aspects of normal English without a problem.

I was at Central Baptist Church in Crossville, Tennessee, for a one-day conference. We had great attendance for all of the sessions. The most encouraging comment of the weekend was from a young couple that said the conference convinced them that they needed to be much more vigilant in training their kids from a very young age to be able to defend their faith. They bought a Kid’s Library Pack and told me that they were going to start using it that very evening!

Also, this trip was another chance to see my dad, lovingly called “Pap” by his grandchildren. He and a friend drove to Crossville and we had another titanic golf match. Ultimately, the match ended all even, as it should have.

Here is a photo of the two of us.

I’m home the next two weekends; I have lots of yard work to do. More later . . .

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