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I was not on the road this past weekend. This gave me the opportunity to speak at the Creation Museum on Saturday in our Special Effects Theater. It’s not often that I am around the museum on the weekend, so this was a special treat for me.

Before my presentation, I took some time to walk around the museum, greeting guests and answering questions. A very nice gentleman and his wife came rushing up to me in the main lobby. He told me that they had been at my conference the weekend before in Lexington, South Carolina.

He and his wife both shared that they had not really considered the age of the earth to be an issue, and frankly had never given any thought to the concept that the earth was young. They said that during my morning talk they were intrigued, so much so that they returned for the evening presentation, which happened to be about the age of the earth, dating methods, and the supposed “millions of years.” As they drove home that evening they began to discuss plans for the next weekend. They both decided that they needed to come to the Creation Museum!

So they packed up, made the long drive to northern Kentucky, and spent all day Friday and Saturday touring the museum. They were so excited about what they learned here. It seemed that everything they saw was their favorite thing! (We hear that kind of response from lots of folks, by the way.) They left here praising God, so empowered by the things they had experienced. He said that he was going back to South Carolina to “tell everybody they need to come to the Creation Museum!”

To God be the glory!

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