They Loved the Truck!

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Last weekend, I was speaking at Blue River Church of the Brethren in Columbia City, Indiana. It was a terrific event with great attendance and lots of positive comments from folks who had visited the Creation Museum. It was evident that much prayer and much planning went into this conference.

However, all did not go as planned. We were scheduled to meet with the staff to set up for the conference on Saturday evening. Armed with my map and my GPS, I left my hotel to make the 20-mile drive to the church. To say I got lost would be an understatement! I saw lots of beautiful farmland along the way, but finding the church looked nearly impossible. Ultimately, I did locate the church. It was right where the map said it should be. I suppose I am a little “directionally challenged.”

The big hit of the weekend was the Creation Museum truck. Our Ford F-250 truck was recently given a new look with a special wrap promoting the Creation Museum. All the kids wanted to ride in the truck and have their photo taken beside it. Here is one of the photos!

I’m back in Tennessee this weekend. I’ll be speaking at Central Baptist Church in Crossville, Tennessee, on Sunday. On Saturday my father is driving to Crossville to meet me and play a little golf, so I’m looking forward to a great weekend. Keep on praying!

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