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The last few weeks have been really busy for me. It’s good to be back home after almost two weeks away. I only hope I can catch up on all my emails before I leave again!

While I was gone, I spent much of my time in California at the Jenness Park Christian Camp. It was their annual homeschool conference. These conferences are especially fun for me, as I have the time to get to know many of the folks in attendance, especially the kids. There is nothing like being able to equip children to defend their faith. I had so much fun that I really didn’t mind the fact that it snowed for three of the days I was there. I’m glad my rental car was a four-wheel drive.

Also while at Jenness Park, I had the privilege of meeting the Wintons, a gospel bluegrass band. The band consists of the father, Randy, and his two sons, Jesse and Cody. Both Jesse and Cody are award winning instrumentalists, Jesse on the mandolin and Cody on the banjo. Given my love for bluegrass, you can only imagine how much I enjoyed my time with them. They are a truly talented family. As it happens, the Wintons were preparing to leave on a six-month tour after the conference. And guess where one of their stops will be . . . the Creation Museum! They have been scheduled to perform for the AiG staff in early June. I can’t wait!

I’ll be off the road the next few weeks. This week I will be helping with our annual International Training Seminar. I also plan to beat Ken Ham a couple of times at cribbage. Stay tuned.

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