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I have had the wonderful opportunity of speaking at two great churches recently.

First, I was in Huntington, West Virginia, speaking at Lewis Memorial Baptist Church. The attendance at this event was tremendous; the sanctuary was filled for each presentation. This is one of the few churches where my southern accent was felt to be a positive character trait!

This past weekend, I was in Mechanicsville, Virginia, at Fairmount Christian Church. This was primarily a Saturday speaking event. Nonetheless, the attendance was good (in spite of the beautiful weather).

The testimonies from these events were an encouragement—not only to me, but also to the entire AiG staff. One young lady told me of a friend who had been heavily involved in witchcraft and routinely scoffed at Christians, saying that they believed in a fairy tale. She gave her friend a copy of my DVD, Why Genesis Matters, and they watched it together. At the end of the DVD, her friend told her that she now knew of at least one Christian who could answer questions . . . that doctor on the tape with the southern accent.

Another attendee told me that he had been part of a medical team that visited Haiti after the recent earthquake. This was a secular group, and the medical team members were primarily nonbelievers. I was told that this man witnessed to many of the mission group by using Dr. Jason Lisle’s book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation. Using the presuppositional apologetic method, he was able to share his faith with numerous doctors and nurses. He also gave away several copies of the book. He reports that he has gotten much positive feedback, and a couple of the team members have asked to hear more about “that creation stuff.”

I’m home for 10 days and then off to the Grand Canyon. Until then, it’s more yard-mowing and weed-eating.

Please keep all the AiG speaking team in your prayers. It’s going to be a busy summer!

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