Rejoicing in South Carolina!

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Last weekend I was in Darlington, South Carolina, for a two-day meeting.

The conference itself was great. I had the chance to speak with many folks after the sessions. I was amazed at the number of great questions that I got from both the adults and the kids.

The best part of the conference came during lunch on Monday. One of the church staff got a call from a longtime member of the church who told him that his son received Christ after the sessions on Sunday evening. Apparently this young man had fallen away from the church over the last few years, even to the point of dabbling in the occult at times. He had been questioning how God could have done all the things reported in the Bible. Because he didn’t have any answers, he felt that Christianity wasn’t for him. In spite of his unbelief, he came to the Sunday night sessions. He was greatly challenged by what he heard, so much so that he went home that night and gave his life to Christ! Finally he had answers. Finally he could trust God’s Word.

We rejoice in this young man’s salvation!

This weekend holds another blessing for me. I will be holding a conference in my hometown. I will be speaking at Harvest Hills Baptist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee. I rejoice for this opportunity of seeing my family and my old friends for a few days.

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