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I was in Cayce, South Carolina, last weekend, speaking at Trinity Baptist Church. It was great to be someplace where it was warm and the sun was shining. The seventy-degree weather made me hesitant about coming home!

We had a wonderful time over the two-day conference. It was apparent from the outset how much work the church staff had done in preparing for the meetings. Attendance was excellent, with many visitors from as far as three hours away. The most touching testimony came from a lady who had been a member of this church for over 20 years. In recent years she had been essentially homebound, but because she knew how important this message was, she made it to the Sunday sessions!

After the final session, the church staff said that they would be seeing me soon! When I asked what they meant, they told me that they got so excited after hearing about the Creation Museum, they were planning on making the nine hour drive to visit Answers in Genesis this week! They wanted to come see the Museum and work out the details for a large church group to visit later this year.

Next weekend, I’m off to South Carolina again. I’ll be speaking at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Darlington.

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