Dr. Mohler, BioLogos, and Respect from Evolutionists

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Here’s an enlightening article on the problem of trying to be acceptable to and respected by the scientific establishment (which is controlled by atheist evolutionists).

Dr. Mohler (president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is absolutely right. Compromise with evolution and millions of years never makes a person respectable in the eyes of the secularists.

And it certainly doesn’t make non-believers be more open to the gospel and more trusting of the Bible. Proof of that is the last 200 years of history, when most of the church has compromised with millions of years and increasingly in recent times has compromised with Neo-Darwinian evolution. During this time the church in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America has increasingly drifted away from the truth and authority of the Word of God and the culture in those countries has become increasingly godless, immoral and hostile to Christianity. Whereas increasingly over the last 50 years, those Christians who have returned to faith in God’s Word in Genesis 1–11 have been revived in their faith and obedience to the Word and their boldness and confidence in evangelism that has led many evolutionized unbelievers to faith in Christ.

Also, I would add to Dr. Mohler’s critique that Karl Giberson’s comments in the web article reveal that as a biologist he is absolutely clueless about how astronomers and geologists measure the age of the earth or universe. “The measurements that scientists make to determine the age of the earth and the universe” are hardly simple. But more importantly, when they observe things such as tree-rings, red-shift of starlight, thickness or position of rock layers or the fossils in them, and radioactive isotopes used in dating methods, they are using anti-biblical, atheistic, uniformitarian presuppositions (assumptions) to interpret those observations to mean that millions of years of history have elapsed.

Without those anti-biblical, atheistic, uniformitarian assumptions, there would be no evidence of millions of years. Rather, creation scientists using biblical assumptions based on the history recorded in Genesis (i.e., as they are wearing “biblical glasses”) are increasingly seeing the abundant evidence of Noah’s Flood and a young earth and young universe, just as the Bible clear teaches. This is no surprise, for creation must confirm the truth of God’s Word because God’s Word (as an eye-witness testimony of God) tells us what truly happened in the past to produce what we see in the present.

Dr. Derek Ager was a prominent evolutionary geologist in the United Kingdom before his death in 1993. He was an ardent anti-creationist, even warning creationist readers in his last book (published posthumously) that they had better not try to use anything in his book to support their view. But what he said is so true, and, though he would disagree ardently with any creationist conclusions from it, it is important to note that it is not just creationists or insignificant secular geologists who see the problem with uniformitarianism.

As a result of studying geological formations in over 50 countries, Dr. Ager had come to largely reject the uniformitarian assumptions dominating geology (and so became a “neo-catastrophist”). In his book, which discusses numerous examples (with pictures) of geological formations that could not possibly have formed over millions of years (as conventional geologists have been brainwashed to believe), but rather show evidence that they were formed catastrophically in hours, days, weeks, months or a few years. He stated the following:

I should, perhaps, say something about the title of this book. Just as politicians rewrite human history, so geologists rewrite earth history. For a century and a half the geological world has been dominated, one might even say brain-washed, by the gradualistic uniformitarianism of Charles Lyell. Any suggestion of “catastrophic” events has been rejected as old-fashioned, unscientific and even laughable. . . .

Derek Ager, The New Catastrophism (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993), p. xi.

Later in the book he adds the following:

Perhaps I am becoming a cynic in my old age, but I cannot help thinking that people find things that they expect to find. As Sir Edward Bailey (1953) said, “to find a thing you have to believe it to be possible”.

Derek Ager, The New Catastrophism (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993), pp. 190–91.

The majority of scientists (including the majority of Christian scientists, such as Dr. Giberson and Dr. Francis Collins) have been brainwashed with “smoke and mirrors” evolutionary arguments during their education from grade school all the way through their PhD programs (as well as by science programs on TV, the natural history museums, and the state and national parks) so that they can’t see the overwhelming evidence in the creation that confirms the literal truth of Genesis.

The Christian compromise with evolution started with the church’s acceptance of subtly atheistic and deistic interpretations of the rocks and fossils and its simultaneous rejection of the biblical teaching about the Flood and the age of the creation, which took place way back in the early nineteenth century (50 years before Darwin published On the Origin of the Species), as I explain and document in The Great Turning Point. Compromise with error always leads to more compromise with error.

We can expect to see more theological and moral corruption of the church as Christians become deceived by the false arguments coming out of BioLogos, Reasons to Believe (headed by Hugh Ross), Discovery Institute (leading the Intelligent Design movement), and other old-earth (progressive creationist) or theistic evolutionist organizations that claim to be “evangelical” or at least believing in God. And we can also expect that wherever individual Christians, churches, schools, universities, and seminaries return to faith in the literal truth of Genesis 1–11 and get equipped with solid apologetic answers (from groups such as AiG) to defend their faith, we will find believers on fire for the Lord and His Word, growing in godliness and motivated to lovingly, graciously, and boldly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost, evolutionized world.

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