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One of the important aspects of my ministry at Answers in Genesis is helping to organize and lead our strategic Grand Canyon outreach to seminary and Christian college professors and other key Christian leaders, which AiG is co-sponsoring with Canyon Ministries and The Master’s Seminary. This July will be our third time to take 24 men on a seven-day raft trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The trip is heavily scholarshipped and by-invitation-only. The men who will be coming represent various views. Some are already young-earth creationists, some are old-earth creationists, and some are unsure what to believe about the age of the earth.

This is a wonderful opportunity to “influence the influencers” by giving them an opportunity to carefully consider both the biblical and scientific evidence for a young-earth and global Flood at the time of Noah, as they enjoy this amazing canyon with rich Christian fellowship. All the past participants found it to be a profound experience. For some it was truly life-changing, and we have received many reports of how this has subsequently affected their teaching ministries. We are praying for the same results in the lives of the men on this 2010 trip.

I would appreciate your prayers with us for this outreach in two areas.

  • We still need about $24,000 to cover the cost of providing significant scholarships for each of the participants, who otherwise would not be able to afford to come on this trip.
  • I just found out this week that one of the men who agreed to come has canceled, so I need to find the man that God wants to fill that last seat. Humanly speaking, this is a very late date to find someone, as most such leaders and scholars have their summer plans already in place.

Besides praying, if you would like to help fund the scholarships for this trip.

Thanks for praying,

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