New Speaker Added to UK Mega Conference! Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

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We are very excited to announce the addition of Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson to the UK Mega Conference in October. Dr. Jeanson has a PhD in cell and developmental biology from Harvard University. While at Harvard, he was actively involved in adult stem cell research and published several peer-reviewed papers in secular journals in his field. His current research involves using DNA comparisons to understand the true origin of species, and he has published groundbreaking results on this question. Dr. Jeanson is also a speaker at the Creation Museum and a contributor to the exhibit content for the Ark Encounter located in Northern Kentucky. Dr. Jeanson has also been involved in some cutting-edge research and will be presenting this at the conference in two talks: Replacing Darwin: Why the Evolution Debate Has Persisted for 150 Years and Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species. Here is what he had to say:

On the surface, the Christian view of Genesis might seem hopelessly outdated and antiquated. The skeptic might ask, “Why are we still debating a question that Darwin settled over 150 years ago? On how many other scientific questions of the 19th century do intelligent people still withhold judgment? Why is the church dragging its feet on technology and scientific progress?” To the evolutionist, the church needs reformation—on the scientific side—toward a “modern,” enlightened view. Is this true?

In my talks on “Replacing Darwin,” I explore these skeptical charges and test them against the clear light of modern biology. The results of this test are surprising. Did you know that Darwin took a massive scientific risk when he wrote his book? Do you know whether Darwin’s evidences would still survive in the modern scientific environment? Did you know that the young-earth view of the origin of species has matured and that it has exceeded the evolutionary model in its scientific strength? Three revolutionary developments in the last century and a half have turned the origins debate upside-down. I hope you’ll join us at the UK Mega Conference to find out how the scientific community—not the Bible—needs a scientific reformation.

At the conference, we will also be releasing Dr. Jeanson’s new book, Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species. This is a great opportunity to come and hear one of the world’s leading biblical creationists speak on how biology confirms the truth of biblical history. Remember, the early bird discount for the conference finishes on June 30. Book now so you don’t miss out!

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