Going for Gold in Rio

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Professor Stuart Burgess has been carrying out research with the British Olympic cycling team to produce a new more efficient bicycling transmission system. The work will be implemented on the track and BMX bikes for the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Stuart has designed special rigs at Bristol University for testing chain efficiency and has come up with special chain designs that are more efficient for Olympic events. Stuart often travels up to the National Cycling Center in Manchester to meet with technical specialists, technicians, and cyclists to discuss the latest findings and do velodrome testing. All of Stuart’s work in engineering and biomechanics is based on experimental and observational science as opposed to speculative science (i.e., evolution). His experience has led him to believe that true science confirms the teaching of the Bible. Once again, this dispels the myth that if you accept the Bible’s teaching on creation then you will not be able to develop new science-based technologies.

At the 2012 London Olympics, Great Britain’s cycling team won seven gold medals. This time, with Dr. Burgess’s design on board, we hope to see a few more!

Stuart Burgess and Bicycle

Dr. Burgess standing next to a prototype of the bike at a recent Answers in Genesis UK conference.

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