Ray Comfort Visits Ark Encounter for The Atheist Delusion Premiere

by Ken Ham
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On Saturday, October 22, I joined my favorite Kiwi (i.e., New Zealander), Ray Comfort, on the ramp leading up to the door of our life-size Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky. Ray is the founder of Living Waters Ministries, producers of the new film The Atheist Delusion, which we premiered at the Ark Encounter later that night.

This was Ray’s first time at the Ark. He joked, “I got lost. I was just walking around Kentucky and ended up seeing this thing here. It’s big! Sometimes we get accused of being in people’s faces, you know, in-your-face evangelism. But [the Ark] is the epitome of in your face. It’s making a big, heavy wooden statement. And it’s very exciting.”

When we walked through the door, hundreds of people, young and old, were waiting to meet Ray and ask him questions for the Facebook Live video we were conducting. Ray and I answered questions such as “How do I implement Scripture into making my decision with this major election?” “How would you recommend standing up for God in public schools?” and “What can you say to keep parents encouraged to raise children in this godless world?” and other questions about his ministry’s film The Atheist Delusion.

Ray Comfort and Ken Ham Greet Guests Ray Comfort and Ken Ham Answer Questions

Find out our answers in this Facebook Live video.

The Ark Encounter was the perfect place to premiere The Atheist Delusion because the Ark, like this film, is making such a statement of truth.

Ray and I like to tease each other about our differences (including our difference in height and the fact that he’s a Kiwi and I’m an Aussie), but really we have something significant in common: our desire to see people reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I, like Ray, hope The Atheist Delusion will be a tool that Christians will use. Though not everyone is comfortable speaking in front of people or engaging strangers, anyone can use this film to reach the lost. And all you have to do is share it on social media or through an email.

How humbling that God would use a Kiwi and an Aussie for His glory! As Ray says, “We’re nobodies from nowhere with nothing but a love for God.” If He can use us, He can use anyone.

By the way, here are Ray’s final thoughts about the Ark.

Many had told me that it is incredible, but they grossly understated it. It is utterly amazing, completely overwhelming, and wonderfully incredible . . . far above anything I was expecting.

I have been through the Smithsonian in DC and the Louvre in Paris, and the Ark is so much better in a hundred different ways. It excels in excellence. You don't just see it; you experience it. If you haven't experienced the Ark Encounter, you have to go there and take your family and friends.

Ray Comfort and Ken Ham at Ark Encounter Ray Comfort and Ken Ham at Ark Encounter

Be sure to watch and share The Atheist Delusion, and plan your trip to the Ark Encounter today. The Ark is located south of Cincinnati and right off I-75.

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