Go “Below the Rim” of Grand Canyon with Answers Magazine

by Ken Ham
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Grand Canyon is a remarkable place to visit and explore. There’s nowhere else quite like it in the world, and it gives geologists an excellent view into the true history of our planet, from creation to the Flood and beyond. In the upcoming issue of our multi-award-winning publication, Answers magazine, you’ll go below the rim and explore the strata of this outstanding wonder in Arizona. Don’t miss our feature article in the new issue.

This upcoming July/August issue will also give you a peek into the incredible design of horned lizards—reptiles with all the right features to thrive in harsh desert conditions. You’ll also learn about rivers with “human rights,” how to exercise discernment when it comes to reading “peer-reviewed” articles in science journals, the Oort Cloud (a supposed scientific “fact” that actually has no evidence to back it up), and how we as Christians can bring clarity to an issue the secular world has confused—gender.

And here are a few of the other articles you can expect to find in your mailbox:

  • Hummingbirds—Avian Acrobats of the Americas. Learn about the awesome complexity of these winged wonders.
  • Creation: The Longest Week Ever? Explore 200 years of trying to fit long ages into the Book of Genesis and see how each view shares the same fatal flaw.
  • Every Tail Has a Tale. Each tail we see in creation has a specific purpose.
  • South America’s Overgrown Garden. The trees of the wild Amazon aren’t so wild after all. Learn more about cultivated rainforest trees in this engaging article.
  • How to Solve a Monster Mystery. Researchers are still confused by a bizarre-looking fossil, the Tully monster. How can we understand this strange creature?
  • And many more faith-affirming and equipping articles!
Consider sending a subscription to your pastor, your family, or perhaps your child’s Christian schoolteachers.

This newest issue also features an article that comes right from my heart, “Coping with Criticism,” which helps Christians know how to respond to criticism from non-Christians and Christians alike. I think this article is very timely in a day when Christianity is increasingly under attack and when those who uphold the authority of God’s Word are maligned and assailed, even by those within the church.

And, as always, this issue features our mini-magazine for kids. In this issue children will learn about the marvelous design of hummingbirds (and parents will love the way that this Kids Answers “dovetails” with the illustrated feature article in the main issue). Beautiful color photographs of different species of hummingbirds highlight the striking design of these remarkable little birds. Kids will have fun with the coloring page and other activities included for them.

There’s something for the whole family in Answers magazine. If you’re not currently a subscriber, there are so many wonderful articles and “subscriber only” extras that you are missing out on: an awe-inspiring video about hummingbirds, a beautiful slideshow of breathtaking scenes from our team’s raft trip through the Grand Canyon, easy-to-access audio of all this issue’s articles for repeated listening, and much more. But these are “subscriber-only” benefits that require the access code at the bottom of page five.

I encourage you to subscribe or renew today and consider giving a gift subscription too. Consider sending a subscription to your pastor, your family, or perhaps your child’s Christian schoolteachers. Everyone loves Answers magazine!

Learn more and subscribe at AnswersMagazine.com/subscribe. You will even get to choose a free video download when you subscribe now, online.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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