Behind the Scenes: A Reptilian Photo Shoot

by Ken Ham on February 11, 2024
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With the many, many facets of the AiG ministry, staff often have rather unique tasks—like photo shoots involving the beautiful snakes of Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter! Now, I know a lot of people don’t like snakes, but you might be surprised that our most popular animal encounter program is Sssensational Snakes.

This program debunks snake myths and teaches guests the biblical truth about snakes—and guests often end up appreciating, if not loving, snakes much more by the end of the program. If you don’t like snakes, I encourage you to attend this program next time you’re at the Ark Encounter—you might just change your mind!

After the program, guests have the opportunity to touch the snakes and take pictures with them. They love it!

The professional photos you’ll see below from the photo shoot will be used for future advertising and educational content highlighting God’s incredible designs in snakes.

  • Reptile photoshoot
  • Reptile photoshoot
  • Reptile photoshoot
  • Ball python

    Pastel Ball Python

  • Pueblen milksnake

    Pueblan Milk Snake

  • Western hognose

    Western Hognose Snake

  • Taiwan beauty snake

    Taiwan Beauty Snake

We have a variety of daily programs, including animal encounters (which are always popular), at both attractions. These programs are included with museum or Ark admission, so be sure to check our online schedules before you visit to plan which programs you’d like to attend. Our programs are a great way to enhance your visit.

And if you’d like to learn more about the biblical truth about snakes—and dispel some of the myths about these creatures—I encourage you to check out this excellent article from AiG’s Karina Altman: “Satan’s Serpents or the Creator’s Creatures?

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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