For National Sanctity of Human Life Day, Read Survivor, an Abortion Survivor’s Story

by Ken Ham on January 3, 2023
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January 22, 2023, is National Sanctity of Human Life Day in America, and we have resources to equip you to think biblically on this vital issue and share the truth with others that we’re “fearfully and wonderfully made” in God’s image. The first resource I want to highlight for you is the inspiring story of Claire Culwell, an abortion survivor, who shares her incredible story in Survivor.

Hear Clare Culwell's powerful story in this video.

This true-life story of a woman who survived abortion and is now a pro-life advocate, speaking up for babies and their mothers, will encourage and challenge you to make a difference in the lives of unborn babies and their vulnerable mothers. Survivor is an excellent resource for this month when many individuals and churches are specifically focusing on sanctity of life issues. You can find Survivor in our online store.

And we have a host of other sanctity of life resources for you and your church:

  • New! Crafted by God: From Fertilization to Birth. This children’s book by AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom and Stacia McKeever is wonderfully engaging, with interactive pages and a beautiful timeline of a baby’s development, to help you and your children explore the biblical teaching that every human life has value. Crafted by God is now available for preorder.
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Book. Celebrate the wonder of life in this awe-inspiring book featuring photographs of the Fearfully & Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum. This book also includes an over three-foot-long foldout timeline of “The Journey of Life Before Birth.”
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made: When Human Life Begins. This DVD presentation from the late Dr. David Menton is a fascinating look at how immensely complicated fertilization, implantation, and pregnancy are. Your jaw will drop as you discover just some of the intricacies of how God knits us together.
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Wall Display. This beautiful wall display is the perfect item to display in your church, school, pregnancy resource center, or office all year, but especially this month. It’s a testimony to the wonder and sanctity of all human life and features hyper-realistic life-size images of the models from our stunning Creation Museum exhibit, a timeline of development, biblical and scientific truths, and the gospel message.
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Hoodie. Share the sanctity of life message everywhere you go with these hooded sweatshirts or consider a T-shirt or even a baby onesie!

The issue of the sanctity of human life is such a vital issue, and we’re so thrilled to be able to offer these resources to families, churches, schools, and more. Browse all of our sanctity of life resources on our website.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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