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  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
    Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

    In this presentation, Dr. Menton explains the development of an infant from the embryo to birth. Explore the amazing sequence of fertilization, implantation, development of the placenta, and finally the birth process itself.

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  • Unplanned

    Mature theme content (see details). What happened when a Planned Parenthood clinic director, abortion advocate, and deeply pro-choice woman observed an abortion? Well, it changed her life. (From the co-producers of "God's Not Dead.")

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  • The Sanctity of Life
    The Sanctity of Life

    This compelling series exposes modern society's low regard for life. Explore the science and the biblical view on the critical topics of abortion, euthanasia, stem cell harvesting, human cloning, mercy killing, and more.

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  • Abortion

    Filmed at the 2015 Answers for Women Conference, this program discusses finding hope and healing for those hurting from abortion. Free Discussion Guide included.

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Sanctity of Life

We celebrate the sanctity of every human life from the moment of fertilization to natural death. During January we are offering 3 FREE downloads and some great resources for you to share the wonder and sanctity of all human life.

Free Downloads

Three Beating Hearts

Three Beating Hearts

Steve Hess and Southern Salvation are offering a free download of their song Three Beating Hearts as both a video download and a music MP3 with any order from our online store during the month of January.

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Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Pamphlet PDF

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Pamphlet

Now you can read and share the teaching content from our Fearfully & Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum as it beautifully shows the God-given value of human life.

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Fetal Development Wall Chart PDF

Fetal Development Wall Chart

This chart shows the size, weight, and weekly development of a baby during the three trimesters. A pictorial testimony that human life begins at conception!

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Get biblical and scientific truths about all human life and discover the hope and forgiveness that can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Visit the Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit at the Creation Museum.

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