Where Can You Ride an Anisodon? The Ark Encounter, Of Course

by Ken Ham on March 2, 2022
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Children love visiting the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Over the years, we’ve continued to add features especially for them, such as our two world-class playgrounds (one at each attraction), designed for children of all abilities. And this summer, children (and their parents . . . and all guests!) will love a new upgrade coming to the Ark Encounter—a carousel.

This Italian-made carousel will be unique in the world, featuring animal kinds that guests will recognize from decks 1 and 2 of the life-size Ark (including an Anisodon—learn what that is in the video below). The carousel will be indoors, allowing it to operate in all weather and through the winter months. It’s also been built flush with the floor, so there are no steps to board the carousel. All guests are welcome to ride the carousel, and it will be included with general admission.

As I’ve shared in two previous blogs (you can read them here and here), Allen Greene, our attractions design director, provided updates on various projects taking place at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum during a recent staff meeting. During that session, he highlighted the carousel, and I thought I’d share it with you as a fun sneak peek of what is coming this summer:

There are more clips from this staff meeting to come, so stay tuned for those updates (a great way to do that is by subscribing to my daily email)—we’re so excited to share with you the vision for the attractions. We’re located in N. Kentucky.

The New Answers Book 1 Hits #1 in Creationism

One of our most popular resources for years has been The New Answers Book series. This book answers over 120 of the most common questions we get asked about creation, evolution, science, and the Bible. And the first book in this series, The New Answers Book 1, is #1 in the “creationism” category on Amazon!

We’re so thankful that so many individuals, families, and churches are using this resource to be equipped with answers to the questions of our day so they can boldly stand on the Word of God, believing it, defending it, and proclaiming it.

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