Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Coming Palm Plaza Upgrade at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on February 13, 2022
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Construction continues at the Creation Museum! If you’ve visited the Creation Museum recently, you may have noticed some construction on the lower level of the Creation Museum in Palm Plaza. In 2021 we opened the first phase of this upgrade: a brand-new exhibit, Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus, and now we’re continuing the upgrade with an eye-catching new look for Palm Plaza. Even more will be coming soon with our expanded Fearfully & Wonderfully Made pro-life exhibit (to open later this year).

Our president, Joe Boone, recently led a staff meeting where Allen Greene, our attractions design director, shared updates on various projects at both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter here in N. Kentucky. I thought you would enjoy seeing updated photos of the ongoing construction in Palm Plaza at the museum and photos of what’s coming as our talented artists and fabricators continue to work on this project:

I’ll be sharing more clips from this staff meeting in my blog over the next few weeks so you can go behind the scenes on the construction of the expanded Fearfully & Wonderfully Made exhibit, the carousel coming to the Ark Encounter, the initial design stages for the Tower of Babel, and more. Stay tuned for those updates (a great way to do that is by subscribing to my daily email)—what’s coming is so exciting!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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