Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (No Shipping Required!) with an Eternal Impact

by Ken Ham on December 19, 2021
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It’s only a few days until Christmas (six, to be exact, but who’s counting?)—and that might not be great news if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet! But there are lots of great last-minute gift options from Answers in Genesis that don’t require shipping, so you don’t have to worry if they’ll make it in time. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • The gift that keeps giving all year: a subscription to Answers magazine. This is great for any age or as a family gift, as Answers is designed for the whole family to enjoy. Packed with biblical worldview and apologetics teaching on relevant topics, and with a free children’s magazine also included, it’s a great gift that will excite readers to know God’s Word can be trusted. Subscribers also receive a digital copy of each issue.
  • An Answers TV subscription. Give the gift of unlimited access to over 4,500 equipping and encouraging videos, including full conferences, presentations, nature documentaries, fun children’s programs, music, and so much more. The entire family will love it and grow in God’s Word through the God-honoring content. And it’s only $39.99 for a whole year! Since a subscription can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, consider gifting one to a missionary family you know or support.
  • Any digital resource. Nearly all of our books (including my new Creation to Babel Genesis 1-11 commentary) and videos are available digitally. Browse our huge selection of faith-building resources, and purchase the digital version for someone to enjoy from their device.
  • A gift of experience! We have several conferences coming up this year, each one designed to help you build a more biblical worldview. Consider gifting a conference registration to a family member or friend to one of the following events:
    • Life Is Precious. This pro-life conference is taking place at the Answers Center in just a few weeks—on January 28, 2022, south of Cincinnati on the Ark Encounter grounds. Discover the value of life—and how you can defend it—at this powerful event. Registration also includes a ticket to tour the Ark in 2022.
    • Rooted: Answers for Women 2022, March 31–April 2. Our women’s conference continues to grow every year as more and more women yearn for an event that isn’t “fluff and stuff” but really dives into God’s Word, convicting and encouraging them with truth. Registration includes free admission to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!
    • A Culture & Church in Crisis, October 4–6, 2022. Discover why our culture is in chaos, why the church is conflicted, and what you can do about it. Though designed for pastors and leaders, this event is open for anyone to attend (and we encourage everyone to come!) and would make a great gift for your pastor or anyone else on your list. Registration includes free admission to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum!
  • Online courses. Equip someone to know why they believe what they believe, and embolden them to share the gospel, with our online classes, including creation-apologetics, world religions and cults, and in-depth tracks on Bible, biology, astronomy, and geology.
  • A donation in someone’s name. Join our end-of-year giving campaign and have your gift in someone’s honor doubled, now through December 31, 2021. Your gift will be used toward much-needed upgrades and expansions at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, including a refurbished Legacy Hall, new teaching center, and upgraded zoo (including “plants of the Bible” greenhouses and a butterfly house) at the Creation Museum and a scale model replica of Jerusalem at the time of Christ (at the Ark Encounter).

These are just a few ideas to get you started! As you plan and prepare for Christmas, I pray your heart will be encouraged as you remember the greatest gift ever given: the King of kings who came and died in our place that we might have eternal life.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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