Enjoy Livestreamed Sessions from Ken Ham Speaking at BJU

by Ken Ham on December 4, 2021
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I recently had the wonderful opportunity of speaking to thousands of high schoolers and college students at Bob Jones University for their STAND conference. The sessions were well attended and enthusiastically received, and thousands of students also received a copy of my new book, Divided Nation. I’m thankful for BJU—they are one of the few Christian institutions that stand with Answers in Genesis on a historical Genesis.

  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU
  • Ken Ham Speaking at BJU

My sessions, along with presentations from BJU president Steve Pettit, were livestreamed to our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel. I encourage you to watch all of the sessions, including the Q&A, with your older children.

And check out Bob Jones University for quality, biblical-worldview–based education for your post-secondary student. Some of our children graduated from this first-class Christian university. Visit BJU.edu.

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