Free Christmas Downloads for Your Church or Family

by Ken Ham on October 27, 2021
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With the weather turning colder and our Christmas events at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum beginning in less than a month here in N. Kentucky, we’re definitely thinking about Christmas at Answers in Genesis! And if you’re planning what your family or church will do to celebrate this year, consider these free Christmas downloads.

  • Answers Bible Curriculum Christmas Sunday school lessons: For ages pre-K through adult, students will see from the Bible how God promised to send a Savior, how God prepared for Jesus’ birth, and how Jesus’ coming brings joy. Choose from three chronological lessons or two stand-alone lessons that are perfect for your church’s Sunday school program or for your family devotions. The digital download includes teacher and student guides, posters, games, seasonal activities, activity sheets, and more.
  • The 10-Minute Bible Journey Christmas accounts: The 10-Minute Bible Journey devotional book by AiG’s Dale Mason goes through the Bible chronologically, equipping families with biblical literacy, apologetics, biblical authority, and more. We’re offering three free Christmas account readings from this book of illustrated devotionals for your church or family. Your download includes an audiobook, e-book, pdf, and coloring sheets.

Help focus your church or family on Christ during the busy holiday season with these free resources. As you’d expect from Answers in Genesis, these resources aren’t just “fluffy” Christmas materials—they are “meaty,” in-depth, and will help you see the account of Christmas in a new light.

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