Solutions to a Church and Culture in Crisis

by Ken Ham on October 9, 2021
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If you’re like many people when you watch the news, you shake your head and wonder, “What is happening here in America?” It’s obvious that our nation is divided, the church is conflicted and largely lukewarm, religious persecution is increasing, and Christians are struggling with what to do in the midst of all this. Well, God’s Word gives us the answers we need to stand boldly for him and share his gospel in any time or place.

In this short blog post, I want to give you three ways you can equip yourself with solutions to a church and culture in crisis:

    Divided Nation
  1. Equip yourself to know what’s going on—and what you can do about it! It’s not enough to just sigh and shake our heads over what’s going on. We need to be equipped to actively engage for Christ as we contend for the faith in the time and place God has sovereignly placed us. In my new book, Divided Nation: Cultures in Chaos & a Conflicted Church, I lay out five major failures of much of the church and most families regarding what and how we should be teaching today’s generations what we believe as Christians, why we believe what we do, and how to correctly deal with moral issues like gender, gay “marriage,” abortion, racism, etc.

    Now, here’s where it gets even more practical—all of the book’s illustrations are in color, and a link is given to download the illustrations so people can teach this message in church, school, and so on. And I’ve added the associated teaching needed to be given for each illustration. So I encourage you to order your copy of Divided Nation, not just so you can understand what’s going on in America and why, but so you can learn the book’s powerful messages—and then use the provided link to download the slides to share with your church and community the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse as you help them build a biblical worldview.

  2. Start discipling the next generation in your home or your church. A major reason we have a conflicted church is that by and large we have a biblically illiterate church. They can’t believe and defend what they don’t know! We need to get people, including children and young people, into the Word of God, teaching them meaty truths, doctrines, and apologetics. They need a solid foundation, grounded on the absolute truth of the Word of God.

    ABC Homeschool

    Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

    Here’s one way you can get started on this right away, in your home or your church: use Answers Bible Curriculum. We have both a Sunday school version (used in over 10,000 churches) and a new homeschool version (Year 1 is available, with Year 2 coming in January with years 3 and 4 soon after that). ABC teaches through the entire Bible chronologically, emphasizing doctrine, theology, apologetics, biblical authority, and practical life application. There’s really nothing else like it out there! I urge you to use ABC in your church and in your home—you won’t regret the investment in eternity as you help children, teens, and adults know, believe, and defend God’s Word from the very first verse.

    ABC Sunday School covers preschool through adult, and ABC Homeschool is for grades K–5 but is easily adapted for older grades.

  3. Attend “A Culture & Church in Crisis,” our 2022 Answers for Pastors & Leaders Conference, October 4–6. This conference is open to anyone, and we encourage all believers to attend, whether they are pastors, leaders in their churches, parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, or just concerned Christians. This conference, featuring teaching from Stephen Kendrick (producer of the just-released film Courageous Legacy), Emilio Ramos, Dr. Owen Strachan, me, and other excellent speakers, will help awaken you to what is happening in the culture and church. You’ll learn practical solutions for returning the church to God’s Word and sharing the gospel with the culture! Registration is now open—with a special “super early bird” discount—so I encourage you to register today. This event is taking place at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky (south of Cincinnati), and registration includes Ark and Creation Museum admission.

The world is quickly getting “crazier,” and the church is largely wavering on how to engage a post-Christian culture (and many are moving to the side of giving up God’s Word to stay “relevant”)—so get equipped to stand for truth and teach others to do the same. It’s a matter of eternal importance!

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