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by Ken Ham on September 26, 2021
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We have a new Facebook group! We just launched a Facebook group for homeschool parents who use or are interested in using our Answers in Genesis curriculum and resources in their homeschool. It’s a wonderful way to build community with other homeschool families, learn more, and get practical tips for using our curriculum.

Here are some of the AiG homeschool resources families across the nation and, really, around the world, are using:

  • Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! This exciting curriculum contains homeschool lessons that cover the entire Bible chronologically in four years, providing a powerful overview of God’s Word. Filled with theology, doctrine, and apologetics, your children will dive deep into God’s Word from a young age. Designed for grades K–5, but older students can be involved as well. Year One is available now, with Year Two coming soon! There is no other Bible curriculum like it.
  • Answers Education Online brings some of AiG’s best resources to your computer through reading assignments, videos, and quizzes—all designed to equip you as a believer in Christ. Great for high school students and their parents! Courses include creation apologetics, the Bible, biology, geology, astronomy, and world religions and cults.
  •, our very own streaming platform, includes shows that make an excellent supplement to your homeschool curricula, such as Unlocking Science with “Mr. P” (Roger Patterson, a former science teacher who now serves on our staff, conducts science experiments in our Creation Museum lab); Hike & Seek with Peter Schriemer, a nature documentary show; and Schus Off!, an adventure show on Answers TV for young kids that features Trevor and Avery Schu (Foley).
  • Science curricula, such as God’s Design for Science for grades 3–8; Elements of Faith, teaching through the periodic table; Principles of Mathematics, which combines math and a biblical worldview for grades 6–8; The Riot and the Dance, a biology curriculum like none other for grades 9–12; Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum Set, a junior high anatomy and physiology curriculum; and a Chemistry Curriculum Set, designed for high schoolers.

Unique Homeschool Experience Coming to the Ark Encounter

In addition to joining our new Facebook group, I also encourage you to register today for Building Strong Foundations: A Family Homeschool Experience, May 12–14, 2022, at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY. This isn’t like any homeschool conference you’ve ever been to—it’s very different—it’s an experience.

You’ll tour the life-size Ark Encounter with exclusive after-hours access, meet the animals in Ararat Ridge Zoo, learn about hydroponics at our horticulture center, visit the Creation Museum, relax and enjoy concerts and presentations from speakers such as Heidi St. John, Mike Farris, and me (and break-out sessions with other AiG’s speakers). Kids and teens will discover truth with hands-on science programs, animal encounters, and more. Shop our vendor hall for homeschooling resources, have a “mom’s night out,” and so much more!

And don’t forget—join our Facebook group today!

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