Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Available for Pre-Order

by Ken Ham on December 30, 2020
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For years we’ve been asked to produce a Bible homeschooling curriculum. Parents and grandparents want something that is in-depth, biblically accurate, emphasizes biblical authority, equips with apologetics, and teaches doctrine and a Christian worldview—there really isn’t such a Bible curriculum out there anywhere in the world. Well, we’re excited to announce that we are producing Answers Bible Curriculum for homeschool and it’s available now for preorder!

ABC for homeschool brings the Bible to life, covering the entire Bible chronologically in four years.

Many of our supporters are familiar with Answers Bible Curriculum for Sunday school. Well, it’s been completely adapted—and the lessons rewritten—for homeschool. Designed for students in kindergarten through grade five, ABC for homeschool brings the Bible to life, covering the entire Bible chronologically in four years. It features rich content, apologetics, biblical authority, memory verses, God’s attributes, a gospel focus, life application, and much more.

This brand-new curriculum is easy to use, easy to teach, and specifically designed to work well in families with children in multiple grades. Dr. Dana Sneed, one of our curriculum writers who has written the lessons for ABC for homeschool, presented the new curriculum during a staff meeting. It’s a great overview of what you can expect with this exciting new curriculum:

ABC for homeschool is something we’ve been wanting to launch for years—we’re so excited that it is in the final stages of production, available for pre-order, and shipping in January. We know families will benefit from this deep dive into God’s Word, one that will lay a foundation of knowledge of and trust in God’s Word and the gospel. And yes—we will be working on a special homeschool curriculum for the older grades sometime in the future.

Preorder Answers Bible Curriculum for homeschool, or try some sample lessons, at

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