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by Ken Ham on December 5, 2020
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Yesterday I blogged about a brand-new creation adventure show for kids that just launched on Answers TVSchus Off! An Exploration in God’s Creation, featuring the Schu family, Avery Foley (one of our writers and speakers), her husband, Trevor, and their three kids. Well, that’s not the only nature program that honors our Creator that’s available for you to enjoy. Have you checked out Hike & Seek yet?

Hike & Seek is a family program, produced in the style of a nature documentary.

Hike & Seek is a family program, produced in the style of a nature documentary. It features wildlife filmmaker Peter Schriemer as he explores God’s incredible creation. The film work is beautiful, and Peter has a wealth of knowledge about God’s creation—the whole family will definitely learn something as they hike God’s creation along with Peter. For years now, I have so wanted to see such God-honoring programming for families—and now we have it!

The second half of season one is now streaming on Answers TV, so if you haven’t subscribed yet to Answers TV, do so today. You will love the family-friendly content and will be equipped and encouraged in your faith.

There are now three different sorts of programs on Answers TV involving exploring God’s creation:

A subscription to Answers TV makes a great gift, so consider who on your Christmas list might benefit from over 2,500 videos on a host of topics, from children’s programming . . . to nature and science shows . . . to conference live streams . . . to presentations, and more. At only $4.99 a month, or just $39.99 US for the whole year, Answers TV is affordable–and it’s available for anyone worldwide!

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