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by Ken Ham on December 6, 2020
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How does God’s Word instruct us to train children? What are the roles of parents in their kids’ education? How should Christians view public schools? How can we train our children to face the secular giants of our day?

I cover these questions and much more in my new book, Will They Stand: Parenting Kids to Face the Giants, that was just released. Throughout the book, I also weave my personal testimony concerning how my parents trained us from God’s Word and how that led to the formation of the Answers in Genesis ministry (and the building of the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world, the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum). It’s a highly unique and personal book compared to any other I have written.

Here’s a short video I recorded when I received the first copies:

And it doesn’t just feature my writing! Our eldest daughter, who founded AiG’s Christian school, Twelve Stones Christian Academy, has a chapter on what constitutes a true Christian education. And my wife, Mally, also has an intriguing chapter (written with Avery Foley) on her perspective regarding the AiG ministry, parenting, education, and more. Recently, I signed 2,000 numbered copies that are part of our end-of-year giving campaign.

  • Will They Stand
  • Will They Stand
  • Will They Stand
  • Will They Stand
Our children and grandchildren are growing up in a very different culture than we did.

Our children and grandchildren are growing up in a very different culture than we did. The devil is working hard to snatch them away. Parents need to be vigilant to ensure their children are taught the way God clearly instructs us. As the Scriptures teach us, your kids can’t be salt until they have salt—and if the salt is contaminated, it is no good:

Have salt in yourselves . . . . (Mark 9:50)
You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. (Matthew 5:13)

Find out more about Will They Stand? and order your copy today at AnswersBookstore.com.

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