Answers for Pastors, Wretched TV, Dinosaurs and More, Now Available on Answers TV

by Ken Ham on October 23, 2020
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Our video streaming platform is rapidly growing—we now have nearly 2,500 videos hosted on Answers TV, with more being added all the time. This excellent new platform is reaching so many people around the world with apologetics teaching, kids programming that glorifies God, worldview training, and more. Here’s just a sample of some of the newest releases.

  • All the sessions from our Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference: In these powerful sessions just presented at the Ark Encounter, you’ll discover biblical and practical truths about sexuality. More than ever today, this is a must watch for every pastor, youth pastor, and parent (watch it with your teens!).
  • Dinosaurs and More: At the Ark Encounter over the summer, Buddy Davis and I frequently presented a family program together in the Answers Center. We teach on dinosaurs, the gospel, and a biblical worldview, with Buddy singing and playing music. It’s a great program and families love it. I encourage you to check it out on Answers TV—it’s really hard to find programs on dinosaurs that honor God and his Word like this one does!
  • Out and About with Buddy Davis: Explore God’s beautiful creation with adventurer Buddy Davis (and enjoy some of his beautiful music). The second half of season one is now available!
  • Wretched TV with Todd Friel: Enjoy live evangelism encounters and discussions of tough theological issues.
  • Multilingual channels: Not only does Answers TV have Spanish videos, we also have an Arabic channel featuring apologetics teaching in Arabic.
  • Deaf Days sessions: The two sessions from our recent Deaf Days event at the Ark Encounter are now available. Discover the fascinating evolutionary problem with signed languages in an ASL talk (voice interpreted) and dive deep into what God’s Word says about homosexual behavior with Avery Foley (ASL interpreted).
  • And more!

Answers TV is only $4.99 a month, or $39.99 (just over $3 US a month) when you subscribe for a whole year. It’s an incredible value and an excellent way to equip your family and yourself to think biblically, develop a more biblical worldview, and direct your thoughts towards your Creator. Your subscription also helps us continue to produce more content! I encourage you to subscribe and support this streaming platform for the whole family, one that honors God and his Word.

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