Do Natural History Museums Display the Truth About Origins?

by Ken Ham on October 20, 2020
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Most natural history museums present an atheistic, evolutionary view of the origin of life. Millions of dollars (often tax dollars!) are used to convince guests that fossils, rock layers, etc. are millions of years old and show an evolutionary progression from simple to complex life forms. But are these cleverly crafted exhibits telling the truth? That’s the question a brand-new film from Genesis Apologetics, Genesis Impact, seeks to answer.

This film looks at the top twelve evolutionary icons found in natural history museums around the world.

This film looks at the top twelve evolutionary icons found in natural history museums around the world. Actors play the parts of a secular museum docent and a well-informed biblical creationist as they discuss evolutionary icons and whether there’s a better interpretation of the evidence than the evolutionary worldview. This exciting new film releases this month and is available to rent or buy on

We’re happy to host content from like-minded ministries, such as Genesis Apologetics, on our streaming platform. Answers TV has over 2,000 Answers in Genesis videos, including science, nature, children, and adventure programs—and more are being added each week. It also allows us to host videos from other ministries, supporting and distributing their excellent content. We’re so thankful for this new platform! And it’s very inexpensive per month with a yearly subscription. I urge you to support this God-honoring streaming service.

I encourage you to watch Genesis Impact. It will equip you to dismantle the top evolutionary icons and encourage you and your children to trust God’s Word and recognize the flaws in evolutionary arguments. Rent or add it to your collection today by visiting

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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