You’ll Never Believe What Was “Planted” in My Office

by Ken Ham on August 28, 2020
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Staff at the Ark Encounter recently thought I was setting up to make a movie called Snakes Alive 2. Imagine going in to clean my executive office and see six brown rat snakes (though somewhat small) slithering across the floor! Housekeeping staff were somewhat horrified and in shock! So was all this for a new movie about what happened to snakes because of the fall? Or was it a new security measure put in place by our public safety department to deter people from going into my office?

Well it turns out, a potted plant that had been brought into the office for decoration, unknown to anyone, had snake eggs in the bottom of the pot. Apparently, while it had been stored in a greenhouse, a snake made its way into the bottom of the pot and laid eggs.

  • Snakes in Ken's Office
  • Snakes in Ken's Office
  • Snakes in Ken's Office
  • Snakes in Ken's Office
  • Snakes in Ken's Office

Now, of course, all the staff in that area around my office were petrified but heaved a sigh of relief when it was found that there were 12 snake eggs in the pot, six had hatched—and six live snakes were found. The math seemed to work enough to convince the staff who work in that area there were no more snakes (well, we hope that is so!).

The snakes were given to our zoo staff who said they would keep one and name it “Ken.”

Meanwhile, it has been rumored that horticultural staff are going pot by pot through the greenhouse as one person was heard to say, “If there was one snake, there’s likely to be more!”

I think we could make a Snakes Alive 2 movie out of this!

You can see some snakes (not the ones from my office!) and other reptiles at the Creation Museum on select days in September during “Snakes Alive,” one of our popular Discover programs with herpetoculturist Rick Teepen. Find a calendar of events at

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