Did a Mighty Sea Split? Get Answers in The Red Sea Miracle: Part II

by Ken Ham on August 29, 2020
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The Bible records an incredible miracle where God split the Red Sea in two, leading the Israelite nation to freedom and drowning their Egyptian oppressors. Did this event really happen? Was it a spectacular miracle or the result of natural forces on a shallow lake or marsh? Filmmaker Tim Mahoney dives deep into these questions in the epic conclusion to The Red Sea Miracle in part two of the series. And this exciting film is now available for pre-order.

You can find The Red Sea Miracle: Part II at AnswersBookstore.com or you can rent or buy the film (as well as others in the Patterns of Evidence series) through Answers TV, our streaming service. Yes, we have added a new section on Answers TV where certain movies can now also be purchased, and we will be adding to this over time.

Today even many Christian scholars downplay the Red Sea miracle, opting instead for a much smaller crossing. But does this match with the biblical text? Get answers to what the Bible really says, where the Red Sea crossing took place, and more in this two-part series.

Visit AnswersBookstore.com or Answers.tv to enjoy this thought-provoking film with your family.

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