Kids Love Learning with Buddy Davis

by Ken Ham on August 22, 2020
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Most Fridays and Saturdays at the Ark Encounter this summer, my good friend Buddy Davis and I put on a special kids’ program for families—for “kids of all ages,” as we say. Buddy sings, I speak on dinosaurs, the gospel, and more, and then Buddy and I joke around with each other. Kids, teens, and their parents love it (and with space for 2,500 people in the Answers Center, there’s plenty of room for social distancing). Kids love Buddy’s laid-back style of presenting biblical truth and singing. And you can now enjoy teaching from Buddy on Answers TV from anywhere in the world!

We recently recorded several of Buddy’s dynamic programs, normally presented before a live audience at the Ark’s sister attraction in N. Kentucky, the Creation Museum. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Buddy hasn’t been able to do these particular programs this summer, but you can enjoy them on Answers TV.

More of Buddy’s programs will be added to Answers TV throughout the month of August and beyond.

Discover dragons—what were they? Did they really exist? How do dragons connect to a biblical framework? Buddy has a program titled, “Here There be Dragons,” and you can also watch Buddy sculpt a dinosaur in “It Didn’t Happen by Chance.” More of Buddy’s programs will be added to Answers TV throughout the month of August and beyond. You can also enjoy music videos from Buddy!

Buddy’s programs are just a sampling of what is available right now on Answers TV. Find creationist science and nature programming, children’s shows, music, presentations on biblical authority, past conference videos, and more all on Answers TV. This family-friendly streaming service is available on all your devices as a web-based service, or download our apps for Roku Devices and TVs, Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Android Phones and Tablets, Amazon Fire TV devices, and Microsoft Xbox.

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