Grace Relations or Race Relations? Watch Videos

by Ken Ham on June 8, 2020
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How should Christians deal with issues of racism? Is it “race relations” or should it be called “grace relations”? Discover biblical and scientific answers to the issues of “race,” racism, and prejudice with free video presentations from our 2019 Answers for Pastors and Christian Leaders’ conference, One Race, One Blood: Biblical and Scientific Answers.

Towards the end of 2019, Answers in Genesis conducted an important conference featuring speakers dealing with the issues of “race,” racism, and prejudice. Because of the COVID–19 shutdown situation, we have not been able to make the videos of this conference available until now.

Every weeknight from Tuesday, June 9, to Monday, June 22, at 8 p.m. ET each evening, we will release a video from the 2019 conference.

Every weeknight from Tuesday, June 9, to Monday, June 22, at 8 p.m. ET each evening, we will release a video from the 2019 conference. They will be available free for a limited time on our streaming platform Those who subscribe to will enjoy unlimited access to these One Race, One Blood conference videos, as well as hundreds of other videos. ( is only $4.99 a month, or $39.99 for a whole year.)

During this conference, the speakers were able to dive deep into the issues of “race” and racism and how we, as a church, can respond biblically. I encourage you as a family, small group, church, etc. to watch all ten of these powerful presentations.

Visit to start watching this free series on Tuesday, June 9, at 8 p.m. ET.

  • Genesis, Foundations, and Races, Part 1—Ken Ham (June 9)
  • Part One: Alienated by the Fall—Voddie Bauchum (June 10)
  • Part Two: Reconciled in Christ—Voddie Bauchum (June 11)
  • Where Did the People Groups Come From?—Bodie Hodge (June 12)
  • The Gospel to All Nations: “Re-Hitching” Missions to Genesis—Joe Owen (June 15)
  • Grace Not Race Relations—Dr. Charles Ware (June 16)
  • Ape-men, Adam, and the Gospel—Dr. Terry Mortenson (June 17)
  • Are Humans and Chimps Related?—Dr. Georgia Purdom (June 18)
  • It’s Still the Cross—Johnny Hunt (June 19)
  • Genesis Foundations, and Races, Part 2—Ken Ham (June 22)

(Note that these presentations were recorded live and are being released unedited.)

One Race, One Blood Sale

As issues regarding “race,” racism, and prejudice dominate America’s conversation, how should Christians think and respond? To help equip the church to think biblically and with a gospel perspective on this vital issue, we’ve created a special sale of many of our resources that address racism and the issue of “race” from a biblical worldview perspective. Until June 30, 2020, save at least 30% on the following resources, and others, when you use the code 1RACE30 at checkout.

One Race One Blood Curriculum

Find these resources, and more, on our One Race, One Blood sale page.

  • One Race, One Blood Curriculum. Perfect for families or small groups to go through together.
  • One Race, One Blood. This book, recently revised and updated, has been eye-opening to so many as it starts with the history in Genesis to explain our differences and how the gospel answers the race issue.
  • The Biblical Answer to Racism. These short booklets are a wonderful resource to give to others as you discuss this topic.
  • One Blood for Kids. Equip your children to think biblically with this resource specifically written for them (but parents will get a lot out of it too!).
  • 7 Biblical Races Swivel Book. This ingenious “book” looks like a paint store color swatch—to reinforce the message of One Blood for Kids.

Find these resources, and more, on our One Race, One Blood sale page at

Also, when you visit our Creation Museum near Cincinnati, you’ll see a major exhibit on the origin of “races” along with a positive message of racial reconciliation during these difficult times. Visit to learn more.

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