10 Essential Articles on Death and Suffering

by Ken Ham on April 1, 2020
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As you read news reports or watch overage of the latest COVID-19 updates on TV, I’m sure you’re aware of the number of cases and deaths reported in some countries due to this particular coronavirus. And while many people are now house bound (in many countries) with no available childcare, confined either by recently enacted state/country laws, by self isolation, or even due to layoffs, we wanted to remind you that we have great resources that answer questions people may have about death, disease, and suffering from a biblical authority standpoint.

We have several dozen excellent articles on the subjects of suffering, death, disease and natural disasters.

In fact, we have several dozen excellent articles on the subjects of suffering, death, disease, and natural disasters. But for this blog I’m going to limit myself to only 10 of them. And I’m not going to rank them, I’ll let you decide which one ministers to you best.

I hope these articles will help inform you biblically about diseases, suffering, death, and natural disasters—plus also inspire you to use the opportunities God may give you for service to hurting individuals and those seeking answers to these questions.

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