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Student and Parent Educational Opportunities During COVID-19 Downtime

Part 1: Teach Them Diligently

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Back in February of 2018, I wrote about speaking at an upcoming Teach Them Diligently conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I spoke at that conference in early March 2018. This year, I again spoke at their Nashville conference (late February).

Well, with the current Coronavirus COVID-19 situation, a lot of students (and parents) have extra downtime (and perhaps social distancing has made them a little stir crazy). Many want some good resources for homeschool (or online school) lessons.

from speaking at the above conferences, I know the Teach Them Diligently website has some great resources available too.

Now, of course, Answers in Genesis has lots of excellent educational material available on our online store, such as Answers magazine, the thousands of articles on our website, our Answers Bible Curriculum, and Vacation Bible School curricula. But from speaking at the above conferences, I know the Teach Them Diligently website has some great resources available too.

Teach Them Diligently has an extensive homeschool blog site, which has everything from devotions, to apologetics, to teacher tips, and even recent updates on the Coronavirus and other healthcare issues. Their resource page has both free and paid items ranging from special needs resources to family prayer to Christian marriage and parenting counsel.

The curricula they sell and recommend (and yes, they recommend AiG curricula), as well as their blogs and other resources, are biblically based and creation affirming. While we wouldn’t necessarily agree with the content of everything they offer, Teach Them Diligently makes an excellent starting point for parents looking for tools to grow their children during this trying time.

So if you want some additional educational resources for both parents and students, I encourage you to check out their site.

Isn’t it great how Christians can work together to further the proclamation of the Word of God and the training of godly generations?

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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