Happy New Year! And a Sneak Peek at What’s Coming in 2020

by Ken Ham on January 1, 2020
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Happy New Year from Answers in Genesis! We’re excited for 2020, and all the opportunities this year will bring, Lord willing. As I shared in a recent blog, 2019 was an incredible year. God greatly blessed the ministry of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. We are so thankful he continues to use us for his glory and can’t wait to see what happens this year.

We want to encourage as many families as possible to come and visit, so we’re offering free tickets for children!

There are many wonderful things happening this year, including something very, very exciting that we recently announced: kids ten and under enjoy free admission to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum world-class themed attractions through 2020 (with the purchase of one adult ticket)! We want to encourage as many families as possible to come and visit, so we’re offering free tickets for children! We’re very excited and can’t wait for tens of thousands of children to come to both attractions this year.

And here are three additional great things happening this year:

  • A completely upgraded planetarium, coming in the spring: Our very popular planetarium is currently under renovation to bring the twelve-year-old system up to date. It will now feature a laser projector, additional seating, a tilted dome, and more. It’s going to be incredible! It will take the audio and visual aspects of this theater to a whole new level of quality. (If you want to be involved, we’re currently hiring an illustrator/animator and technical artist/programmer for a new show that will be featured in the planetarium. Actually, we’re hiring for a wide variety of jobs, so be sure to check out all the listings!)

    Creation Museum Planetarium Upgrade Illustration
  • A brand-new pro-life exhibit (Fearfully and Wonderfully Made), coming this summer: Yesterday, we finished our end-of-year campaign to raise funds for a powerful new exhibit that will stand boldly for the sanctity of human life. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters and God’s grace on the project, I’m thrilled to share that we raised the entire $2.2 million needed for the project! This new exhibit will open this summer and will impact millions of guests with the message that life begins at the moment of fertilization, that every person is made in God’s image, and that the gospel is available to all, even those who have had an abortion.

    Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Exhibit
  • A new space for workshops, coming to the Ark: We will be adding several workshop rooms and a lab to the lower level of the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter, courtesy of some generous families who donated specifically to get this completed. We’ll be able to teach more biblical truths to children (and adults) through our very popular workshop and lab programs.

    Answers Center at the Ark Encounter

Please join us in praying for these new endeavors and for God’s continued blessing on this ministry as we try to reach as many people as possible with the message of biblical authority and the gospel. Please be sure to share the excitement of what’s happening at AiG in 2020 with your friends and family!

Plan your visit at ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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