Why Do We Need to Upgrade Our Planetarium at the Creation Museum?

by Ken Ham on August 11, 2019
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In just a few months, we will begin a major upgrade of our popular Stargazer Planetarium here at the Creation Museum. For over twelve years, the planetarium has been a highlight for so many of our guests, and we’re excited to make it even better than ever so it can be more thoroughly enjoyed by millions more.

The upgrade includes:

  • A new laser projector — This gives us an 831% increase in brightness and a 355% increase in resolution. You will be awed by what you see.
  • Upgraded Digistar software and components — Our current servers and hardware are over ten years old and have been operating for ten hours every day—they’re ready to retire!
  • A tilted dome — This will provide a much better viewing experience from every seat.
  • Better acoustics — A more immersive experience will take the planetarium to a whole new level.

Dr. Danny Faulkner is our astronomer here at Answers in Genesis, and he will be leading the team who will write and design the new program. He currently does special stargazer events that start with a unique show in our planetarium and then move outside to use our world-class telescopes to study the night sky. He recently shared why he believes our planetarium is in need of this upgrade:

Imagine using ten-year-old cellphone technology! What was state-of-the-art then just isn’t anymore. And it’s the same with our planetarium. As technology moves on, it’s getting harder and harder for us to replace parts (including the $10,000 projector bulb) and fix things that break.

In recent live shows, I’ve seen things that aren’t quite right. The average person wouldn’t notice them yet, but I do. Stars and constellations are fainter, and that’s an indication the equipment is wearing out.

With the necessary upgrade we are undertaking, the stars will be brighter, and the contrast will be sharper and crisper. We will also have some exciting capabilities for new shows and other events. It’s exciting!

As you can see, we need to upgrade our planetarium so our guests can continue to enjoy shows that powerfully proclaim the glory of God as we show off his handiwork and revel in what he has made in the heavens. And we need to stay on the cutting edge of technology. This will be one of the most advanced planetariums in the country. If you would like to help us, please consider a gift of any amount, earmarked for this exciting upgrade.

Visit AnswersinGenesis.org/donate to give today and see all the exciting details of the upgrade.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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