Start Your College Search with Creation College Expo 2019

by Ken Ham on June 24, 2019
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So many Christian colleges and seminaries actually tear down students’ faith in God’s Word, rather than build it up, because they don’t uphold the authority of the Word of God. Instead, they teach students to compromise on God’s Word—and once you’ve opened the door to compromise, where do you stop? That’s why we started the website. We wanted parents, students, and others to have a resource to begin their search for a suitable Christian college for their students that affirms the truth and authority of God’s Word, from the very first verse.

And many of the colleges on this list—all schools that take a stand on a literal Genesis and a young earth—are coming together at our Creation College Expo, November 1–2, 2019, in the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter. During the expo, students can talk one-on-one with representatives from various colleges to discover what sets their school apart, what programs they offer, and so much more. And did I mention this event is totally free?

Not only is the expo free for all registered students, they also enjoy free parking, admission to the Ark Encounter, an opportunity to win a $500 scholarship to the school of their choice, a free College Expo t-shirt, and 20% off admission to the Creation Museum. Immediate families accompanying their child also enjoy a 20% discount to both attractions.

If you’re in grades 7–12, we encourage you to register today for this free event. Learn more on the events page of our website.

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