Watch Sight & Sound’s Noah in Theaters April 9, 11, and 13

by Ken Ham on March 15, 2019

Sight & Sound Theatres is back in movie theaters nationwide with another world-class production. Sight & Sound Theatres produces live shows that have been enjoyed by millions of people. Normally the only way you can watch them is by traveling to Branson, Missouri, or Lancaster, Pennsylvania. But over the past few years, they’ve been showing recorded versions of these amazing stage productions on the big screen in movie theaters. And the latest one to come to the big screen is Noah, showing in a US theater near you April 9, 11, and 13, 2019. I strongly encourage you to see it!

This take on the biblical account of Noah and the flood is a fun, family-friendly production.

This take on the biblical account of Noah and the flood is a fun, family-friendly production. I appreciated how the producers treated the account as historical and, while they worked to keep aspects of the show light and even funny, they did not neglect the seriousness and gravity of the reality of God judging all of humanity for their sin. It’s a great show to experience with family and friends and can even be a springboard to spark conversations about God’s wrath against sin, but his mercy in offering the gift of salvation.

Unlike many illustrations that show the ark as an “overloaded bathtub,” the set for Noah certainly looks impressive in the recorded version. One of our staff members who saw Noah live said it’s even more impressive and immersive in person. When Noah and his family are inside the ark during the flood, it certainly looks like a ship, with plenty of room for everyone and all the supplies, as the historic ark would have had. There is even a wide variety of live animals!

Now, of course, since they were using live, domesticated animals (as well as some animatronic and costumed animals), the animals that went on the ark in this production were our modern species, not the original created kinds that would have gone on the ark. You can learn more about current research into the original biblical kinds in this chapter from The New Answers Book 3 by Bodie Hodge and Dr. Georgia Purdom: “What Are ‘Kinds’ in Genesis?

As sad as it is, many people went to theaters in 2014 and watched a terrible movie about Noah, starring Russell Crowe. It was a horrible perversion of the account in the Bible! Now, I invite you to show your support for a good movie about Noah based on the biblical text and produced as a family-friendly film—with the true message of the Ark. See you at the new movie Noah!

Find a US theater showing Noah near you at Learn more about Sight & Sound Theatres (in Lancaster and Branson), and how you can see their 2019 productions, Jesus and Samson, at

Ark Program Airing on In Grace

The TBN TV program In Grace hosted by Jim Scudder, Jr., is airing a four-part series on Noah’s ark, some of which was filmed at the Ark Encounter (other aspects of the show were shot with other ministries). The episodes are airing Tuesdays at 4:30 pm ET through March 26 on TBN. You can watch the first episode now on TBN's website.

While we wouldn’t agree with all theological views presented on TBN, I’m thankful for every opportunity I have to share the truth of God’s Word and showcase the Ark Encounter to encourage people to visit and be equipped to trust God’s Word from the very beginning.

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