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by Ken Ham on February 13, 2019
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Presidents Day is coming up next week, and we’re offering a special Presidents Day Sale through our online bookstore. Now through February 18, 2019, US residents enjoy 20% off storewide; just use the coupon code PRES19 at checkout. It’s a great time to add to—or maybe just begin—your home or church apologetics library. We even have some brand-new resources featured as part of this sale, so you can update your library with the latest in apologetics resources.

Here are some of these brand-new resources:

One Race, One Blood

Get the DVD or video download of One Race, One Blood free with your order of $75 or more. Use code PRES19.

  • The Fool: The True"Banana Man" Story. This DVD from the Living Waters ministry features the story of my good friend Ray Comfort and his nickname, the “Banana Man,” an insult that opened many doors for evangelism. You’ll be encouraged to never fear looking foolish again through Ray’s story.

  • The Work of Your Hand. This new unique children’s book by Dr. Jennifer Rivera of AiG explores the one part of each of us that is completely and unmistakably unique—our fingerprints. Your children will be inspired by the beautiful pattern God has put into their fingertips.

  • Fire in My Bones: The Personal Testimony of Ken Ham and the Fire that Started Answers in Genesis. Ever wonder how AiG, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter got started? This DVD features my personal testimony (with some “embarrassing” photos!) and what led me to start this ministry.

  • Glass House: Shattering the Myth of Evolution. Evolutionists try to convince others that their evolutionary worldview is built on solid foundations, but it’s really only made of glass—and that glass is cracking. This new book, edited by Bodie Hodge and me, answers common “pieces of evidence” for evolution such as the horse sequence, whale evolution, chromosome 2 fusion, and more. The eBook is available now, and the print book is available for preorder.

In addition to storewide savings, orders over $75 enjoy free shipping within the continental US, and you can add the DVD or video download of my talk One Race, One Blood to your cart for free.

Order any of the new resources I highlighted, or hundreds of others, from AnswersBookstore.com—and don’t forget to use coupon code PRES19 at checkout to enjoy 20% savings storewide. See all the details on our sales page.

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