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by Ken Ham on January 23, 2019
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A recent article by a secular blogger claimed that children who aren’t taught evolution won’t get that spark of interest that propels them to become scientists. Well, at Answers in Genesis we don’t believe that you need to be taught and believe evolution in order to be passionate about discovering more about what God has made. And this certainly bears true throughout history—many of the greatest scientists of all time were Christians who studied nature for God’s glory (and many of them lived at the time of Darwin)! We want more scientists like that, and that’s why we hold our Explore Days and Explore 5-Day Summer Camp at the Creation Museum.

Every so often we come across ministries that believe the same way we do regarding the importance of biblical authority and the relevance of Genesis, and they go about reaching people with the message in a specific way that complements what we do here at Answers in Genesis. And one such ministry that we’re happy to support is Camp Infinity (Ci), a unique creation STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) camp.

Also, here at the Creation Museum, we’ve started hosting science camps in the summer. These day camps, called Explore Science 5-Day Summer Camp (with a brand-new Explore Forensics 3–Day Camp), look at science from a biblical worldview and include hands-on activities and speakers. They’re really tremendous and quite popular. Yet these science camps are different from Camp Infinity’s STEM camps. That’s what makes our relationship with Ci even more exciting—kids can now learn hands-on science and STEM, both from a biblical worldview.

Many people think science and STEM are the same thing, but that’s not quite true. Dan Wooster, the director for Camp Infinity, explains the difference:

Science is the “how to” of learning more about God’s creation. When kids learn science, they discover how to do many of the things that scientists do on the field and in the lab. This is useful and necessary. But STEM—which incorporates science with technology, engineering, and mathematics—brings science together with application to solve the problems the world’s facing today. STEM focuses on the why, not just the how.

STEM jobs are growing at an incredible rate and there simply aren’t enough people to fill them right now! We need to be encouraging children who show an interest to pursue a STEM field and to do it for the glory of God. That’s why Ci exists—to combine technology and truth to help raise up a generation of scientists, researchers, and engineers who love God and love his Word.

Our science camps and Ci’s STEM camps complement each other very well. Children and teens who are interested in a career in a science or tech field would benefit from both.

Ci still has some spots left for its day camp, family camp, and overnight camps. Ci camps feature activities such as:

  • hands-on STEM activities,
  • a tour of the Creation Museum and a secular museum to clearly see that the battle is over the interpretation of the evidence, not the evidence itself,
  • a tour of the Ark Encounter,
  • robotics,
  • biblical authority teaching,
  • a career night with counselors studying in STEM fields,
  • drones,
  • and much more.

Check Ci’s website for full list of activities and details on different camp offerings.

I encourage you to submit an application for your academically inclined child for Camp Infinity. You’ll be glad that you did. But be sure to do so quickly as spots are filling up fast and the early-bird discount goes away after January 31, 2019. Learn more at CampInfinity.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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