Hunt for Dinosaurs with Adventurer Buddy Davis

by Ken Ham on January 9, 2019
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Get ready to head to eastern Montana, July 22–26, 2019, in search of dinosaur fossils, left there by the global flood of Noah’s day, during our semi-annual Dinosaur Dig with Buddy Davis. Your hard work digging in the dirt is sure to be rewarded with some animal fossil finds. Previous groups have found dinosaur bones and teeth—including some from T. Rex and Triceratops—turtle bones and shells, figs, petrified wood, and more. You’ll even enjoy bringing some fossils home with you!

My good friend Buddy Davis, adventurer, singer/songwriter, and dinosaur sculptor, leads this trip and provides exciting afternoon programming. Families are welcome (children must be aged 12 and up) and be prepared to get a taste of what it’s really like to be a paleontologist. You’ll have to hike to the dig spot and work under the hot sun—let’s just say you will appreciate your air-conditioned hotel room in the afternoons!

Enjoy a special early bird price if you register before February 28!

This exciting event only happens once every two years, so don’t miss it! Register to secure your spot before this unique trip sells out and enjoy a special early bird price if you register before February 28!

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