Introducing Nine New DVDs in Our World Religions Series

by Ken Ham on January 2, 2019
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In an ultimate sense, there are only two religions: God’s and man’s (a battle that began in Genesis 3). Any religion that deviates from God’s Word comes from the mind of man. And man has thought up many different ways to attempt to explain how everything came to be, the meaning of life, and what happens after death. This has led to the formation of many man-made religions and man-made explanations.

World Religions DVD Set

Set 2 from the World Religions Conference covers the Eastern, secular, and atheistic religions in order to reach people blinded by a different worldview.

As we witness to people of different faiths, it is important to understand the basics of what they believe, where that belief system breaks down, and how to reach them with the good news of the gospel. The 2017 AiG conference here in Northern Kentucky was themed World Religions to equip believers to boldly share the gospel with people from all backgrounds and beliefs. And now, you can bring even more of that teaching into your home or church.

We’ve recently created a World Religions DVD Set #2. It includes nine more sessions from our World Religions conference:

These nine-DVD sessions join the eight DVDs previously released in the World Religions DVD Set #1, now providing a total of seventeen sessions! They are excellent for Sunday school, small groups, or personal study of beliefs that are leading people away from the one true God. You can purchase each set separately, or together in a combo pack for best value.

These informative and equipping teachings are also available in audio and the three-volume book set, World Religions and Cults.

All of these resources, and more, are available on our online store at

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